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FairView Ranch has been in cattle production for more than a century, and the FairView name has been a mark of quality in the Angus industry since the early 1950s.

The ranch is owned by George and Judy Frank of Billings, Montana, who purchased the property in 1984. Montana-born and raised, George made his mark as a business owner and real estate investor. Initially, he bought FairView Ranch as a fishing property, but it wasn’t long before the ranch’s rich history piqued his interest. After digging deeper into the ranch’s legacy, he realized its potential as a production Angus operation. He made numerous improvements to the ranch, investing in center pivots to irrigate existing rangeland and provide natural, high-quality forage.

Looking to take the ranch in a new direction, George held a total dispersal sale in the fall of 2007. He stayed committed to the Angus breed and began rebuilding the FairView herd the following spring. That year, George got to know Kenny and Rachael Lee, who both have extensive backgrounds in ranching and embryo transfer. Almost immediately, he saw a future for them at FairView, and the Lees began managing the ranch in 2009 with an inspired, new take on genetics.

Historic pedigrees that have stood the test of time still influence the breeding program at the ranch, but in recent years, a philosophical shift has happened. Using embryo transfer, proven, modern lines are being crossed with the time-tested FairView genetics from the last 50 years. The result is a balance in breeding for functionality and performance, which produces traits that serve all cattle producers.

We welcome inquires into our breeding program and would be happy to answer any questions.
  Fairview Angus Ranch, Melville, Montana  
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